More work on EMU...

2008-04-04 16:59:28 by samUK2005

Just to let you lot know that it's not dead. It's coming along slowly but surely... I haven't got much free time at the moment so I can't really say when it'll done.

For those of you who haven't seen it, the EMU 2.0 Preview site (which hasn't been updated for about a year) is here:

I've also done a major facelift on my blog over at blogspot, as well as uploading all my YouTube stuff.

I'll leave you with beta screenshot of a new feature of EMU 2.0 :)

See you around!

More work on EMU...


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2008-04-23 23:35:06

hey im new in newgrounds uh, i was thinking you could teach me how to use emu 1.4 pls.


2008-07-01 15:16:21

dude its easy if you just try to use it read what it says and do stuff that you havnt tried...