Entry #1


2007-07-18 12:05:31 by samUK2005

The redesign on NG looks amazing! I can see a lot of potential here.

OK, I'm probably gonna use this amazing blog space to post updates on the EMU project at the moment. EMU 2.0 was announced a while back, but since I launched the site I've been bogged down with exams and haven't been able to work on it much. However, the end of he school year is in sight, and I'm hoping to round off EMU 2.0. I'll keep you posted!!

EMU 2.0 site: http://www.emu2.co.nr

EDIT: Played around with the Account options, page looks a lot nicer now!


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2007-07-21 03:45:57

Yeah, the new Design looks awesome doesn't it? I'm really looking forward to Emu2, I'm a big fan of the original.