Still Here!

2009-01-24 13:55:25 by samUK2005

It's 2009 and first-off I'd like to say to you all that EMU 2.0 is chugging along nicely. It's true I often don't post here, but that doesn't mean the project is dead, in fact it's very much alive. Bear in mind I do it as a hobby thing, so I work on it on and off and not to a regular schedule or anything like that.

The Beta version (2.0B_OCT08) was well received by my testers, but was still incomplete in many ways and needed a heck of a lot of cleanup. I've now done that and ready to give out Beta 2 later this month.

For the majority of you guys out there who aren't my Beta testing crew, I provide another screenie of the advance UI I've been working on for the later stages of the game (yes, just like 1.4).

In conclusion - don't despair that I won't post again for another month (or months), because the project is still going.

Catch ya on da flip side! :P

Still Here!


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2009-01-27 12:29:04

Looks nice :)


2009-02-17 23:49:46

Looks cool


2009-02-26 11:09:29

can't wait for it =D


2009-06-07 07:30:59

It's already been about 5 months. Either make the beta publicly available, or finish the project. Some of us, liking Emu 1.4, wanted a new version. But many of the latter has given up on waiting.


2009-06-09 06:59:52

Epic! Can't wait! :D


2009-06-15 10:43:17

I'm losing faith in this. Just release the beta or something!!!