I should really post more often...

2007-09-18 15:28:13 by samUK2005

Hello All... or anyone who's there to read this anyway. :)

Well, Clockday has come and gone, and I did contribute this year. Mind you, it's not very good, but I only had a day to do (I really must start next year's one earlier!). The end result was better than I expected, so there we are.

I'm back to school now :( , so EMU development has spiralled down. GCSE's do that... ah well. I'll do it when I have time :)

So, in short, nothing really interesting or witty to post this time, just a note to say I'm still alive! :D

Oh yeah, the EMU 2.0 little preview site is http://www.emu2.co.nr


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2007-12-29 19:55:34

Wow, i can't wait. im a big fan of EMU 1.4
:D. but a question did you buy a server to run the EMU2 site?, wouldn't it be kinda expencive just for a flash?. anyways you make great games, so have a nice day!. ^_^


2007-12-29 20:50:44

hmm,i read about .co.nr!. a free website thingy, ok that explains it all.
no server, great game :)