Another update...

2009-09-11 08:09:16 by samUK2005

Just dropping in quickly to say that progress on EMU 2 has slowed but is still going. Also a little screenshot for you all (or whoever is left).

I'm not going to say a release date because I honestly don't know. It'll be finished when it's finished. :)

Other than that, don't disappoint yourself by checking this page every day, because as you can see I don't update often (I think this is the second time this year). EMU 2 will be released... eventually.

See you later!

Another update...


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2009-09-12 07:32:55

Good to see you still working on it. :)


2009-09-18 22:54:32

Glad to see you're on it, last one was great, can't wait.


2009-10-03 19:28:12

I just finished the first emu, it was incredible.
I cant believe all the people saying its too hard, I'm only 10 and it took me half an hour to beat.
I'm looking forward to EMU 2!
And btw, the first EMU was made on my B-day =P


2009-10-13 11:40:12

Yes... finally! A while ago, you kinda disappeared from the internet. Good to see you're back.


2009-12-18 20:26:00

I loved EMU, can't wait for the next one! Hopefully this next one will be longer ;)


2009-12-27 16:40:27

Are you still working on it :D?


2010-05-09 15:33:35

Any new news on this please?


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