I have a blog? Wow!

2008-01-22 15:07:38 by samUK2005

So I finally gave in and made myself a blog over on Blogspot. I'd always hoped that my Cloud No. 13 site would go somewhere, but everything else seems to happen when I try to get around to it (homework, friends, tidal waves... that sort of thing).

Will I still post here? Of course I will! I'd never abandon my flashy NG page (although this is my first post since August... but let's not go into that).

So, Flash plans for the new year? Well, EMU 2.0's release of course (maybe mid-year or earlier, perhaps?) and a new Clock Crew related project I'm working on. I feel I've been working too much on programming, time to get back to animation! And decent, well thought out animation too. :)

What does me getting a blog mean? Probably that I'll post more often here!

Check it out: http://cloudnumberthirteen.blogspot.co m

Also, don't forget the EMU 2.0 site (not that it'll get updated, but just in case you didn't see it): www.emu2.co.nr

Cio! (I've always wanted to say that, though I'm not 100% sure on what it means...)


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2008-02-05 13:55:22

I still have a NG account? cool.